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Located in the beautiful town of Shasta Lake City, California. Our gym offers specialized programs at all fitness levels. Community is key, we treat each other as one would treat oneself. The Golden Rule as practiced in human religions, human cultures and animal kingdoms.


 Instructors are experienced and dedicated to align you with achieving an optimal and sustainable state of mind, body and health.
 Cultivating an enriching location where members thrive with direct one-one private lessons, group classes or sparring sessions since 2012.


Physical fitness and health are vital aspects of being a martial artist. We focus on building strength, speed and stamina to give you a competitive edge in your martial arts game. Not investing in your physical fitness will cause your training to suffer and gives your opponent an advantage over you.

We focus to enhance your individual mind, body and spirit through traditional Martial Arts fused with modern fighting techniques. Supporting you to acquire confidence and inner strength so you may walk this life a more complete individual; both physically and mentally. We strive to bring you to your optimal level of fitness; you train harder, develop skills quickly, and are prepared to take on your opponent. Our Instructor’s wealth of knowledge supports you to reach your next skill level and with discipline and profound volume of respect. Even if you are not a martial artist or professional athlete physical fitness is essential.

At The Golden State Sport Club, you will find professional workout intensity that works for you. Regardless of what shape you are in when you start your journey or what your fitness goals are we work with a wide spectrum of members from children to qualified fighters. Search our great selection of classes and sign up for membership today!


“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”, Bill Nye.

Check your ego at the door. No comparing, reminding yourself that no one is perfect, including yourself. If you must compare, hold yourself up to the person you were yesterday.

Outlook on failure for those with a big ego might think of failure as the end of the world and this is not how you should. Having a fearful attitude about failure can convince you to not try again, or even to develop smaller goals. Failure provides you with an opportunity to refine your knowledge and skills.

Celebration even when you fail will bring you one step closer to success.

Expectations shape the way we view ourselves and the world around us. We practice mindfulness to strive to be fully present in every moment of your life. That way you are not limited by past or future-oriented thinking that limits the now.

Being humble and maintaining humility is an important virtue. No one throws a punch unless they are able to take one.

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